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FIRECRAKER4 v.2 – a Good Simple Emini Day Trading System for a Beginner – Part 2

Again we’re at FIRECRACKER4 V.2 Emini Day Trading System and so would it be best to do is go take a look at the sales page and see all the details that we put up there and then ask us any questions you may have. 

You can take a look at the track records again and compare them between the different e-mini contracts. You’ll see that there pretty comparable in their ability to pull out profit points.

As a beginner most people would agree that it’s probably better to start with either ES or RTY  a mini futures contracts.  Some would argue YM Dow 30 Eminis  but that contract can get really messy sometimes and you don’t want to deal with that mess and freak yourself out when you’re just getting started.

Also I would do the e-mini micro contract and build up your account over time. Prove to yourself that you can trade the particular system correctly and successfully at the e-mini micro future level and then build up your account in order to get to the regular e-mini contract level. 

Get good at successfully trading the system and the system has had the ability to produce as you see on the track record and probability of good average performance is high into the future.  You should be able to learn the system pretty quickly but everyone at their own pace.

The emini micros emini futures contract is 1/10 the size of the e-mini contract. So you’re only risking $5 per point on ES and RTY. Prove your self consistently profitable first in the emini micros and build up to full emini contract size margins.  Yes.  It’s better to show yourself that you can be good with the small in order to more easily handle the bigger contract. 

If you’re a beginner, what you do not want to do is be anxious to make money fast. Most beginners getting into  trading because they think they can make money fast without learning how to trade well. If you’re desperate to make money or want to make money really fast and you actually may get lucky at the start,  but then from then on you’re in for a world of hurt.  Money desperation mindset is probably the 2nd worst mindset to have in trading.  Frustration to rage is the worst lol and can wreck an account fast (or maybe wreck some things around your office instead haha. )  So keep that in mind.  Don’t go there. 

You want to do things right when learning how to trade. It’s a waste of time trying to tap your” inner genius”  and try to prove to the market that you’re smarter than the marketplace. And you may be from time to time but the marketplace keeps on going  while putting out continuous tricks and traps;  and the marketplace doesn’t get tired nor does it lose focus. 

Also, if you’re looking to get lucky, or if you’re looking for sympathy from the markets, your in for a beating.  Unless  you enjoy getting your tail kicked while losing money don’t base any trading on luck or the hope of kindness or mercy from the markets.  The markets will “sense that”, mug you, beat you up and take all your money, while calling you a wuss as it walks away.  Yes, if you don’t take the markets seriously, the markets “take that as a sign of disrespect” and what to whup your tail because of it.  So, take the markets seriously.  Respect the markets.  Respect your capital, your money. And respect yourself! 

By learning correct trading habits from the start you can not only put yourself in position to succeed immediately you can also avoid months, years even decades of futility and loss of money  that comes from those who try to rush ahead and make money too fast without paying their dues of learning how to become a good trader. So therefore it would be wise to get one of our trading systems, learn from it, practice it and become perfect at trading it in addition to checking in with us and asking for help when you need it in terms of how to trade well.

YM Dow 30 Emini Futures

  • November 11, 2020  +58+8+9+12. +10-5-11+112 = +193  $965/1 contract
  • November 10 +119+170+32+18-15+26-25+20+92+83-47-12+27 = +488   $2,440/1 contract
  • November 9 +252+51-118-21-14-96+164+32-23+3+352 = +582  $2,910/1 contract
  • November 6 +43+3-33-22+18-23-25-36-5+7+9+1+39+92 = +68   $340/1 contract
  • November 5 +20+17-27-29+18-12-5+9-18+47 = +20   $100/1 contract
  • November 4 +29+105+11+33+7+52-73+25+4 = +193  $965/1 contract
  • November 3 +222+53+19-25-7+62+41 = +365  $1,825/1 contract
  • November 2 +90+18+32-7 -42-12+30+17+ 111+36+15 = +288  $1,440/1 contract
  • Oct 30: 242-42+131+28+42+2-36+44-28+31+212 = +626   $3,130/1 contract
  • Oct 29: 90+130-72+12+41-12-45+48+288+71+32 = + 583  $2,915/1 contract

193 + 488 + 582 + 68 + 20 + 193 + 365 + 288 + 626 + 583 =  3,406 YM points  * $5 per point equals $17,030.   That’s in 10 days.  And that comes out to $1,703 per day average per contract.   

With 10 contracts per trade you’re looking at $17,030 per day per 10 contracts or $170,300 for 10 days.   If you’re starting off small then you can build up to 10 contracts and more.



Nov 30: +19+5.5-1-2+1-2+1-1 = +20.5  $1,025/1 contract

Nov 27 +2+2+3+3 = +10  $500/1 contract

Nov 25+4+.5-1+4+1+2+2.5+4 = +17   $850/1 contract

Nov 24 -4+5+8+7+1+3+2.5+0+3.5+1.5-2-1 = +24.5   $1,225/1 contract

Nov 23  5+16+2-1+11+11-3+13.5+3.75 = +58.25   $2,912.5/1 contract

Nov 20: -1.5-2.5+2-1-1.5+1.2+3-.5+2.8-.5+1+6.5-2.5+5+14 = +25.5  $1,275/1 contract

Nov 19:  +5+3++8+5+2.75+3-1.5+5+10-2+2 = +40.25  $2,012.5/1 contract



Nov 30 7+110+7+7-3+9+5+40+9-5 = +186  $3,270/1 contract

Nov 27: -12+56-5-5+1+9-9 = +35  $700/1 contract

Nov 25: -15+1-9-7-5+34+12+6+12+2 = +31 $620/1 contract

Nov 24:  16+67+2+18+3+24+8-8 = +130  $2,600/1 contract

Nov 23:  +2+62+4+2-5+5+72-18-9-6+19-5-11+5 = +117  $2,340/1 contract

Nov 20  4+16+6+2-5-5-4+9-3-4+11+9+6+27-7-5 = +57  $1,140/1 contract

Nov 19: +10+10+19-6+4+13+27-6+22-6-2+7-13 = +79  $1,580/1 contract

Nov 18: +3+31+15+17-11+35-7-11-5-5-20+8+71 = +121   $2,420/1 contract

Nov 17:  +21+32-12-10+10-11-7+19-5+18+10+3 = +68  $1,360/1 contract

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