DETONATOR11 Emini Day Trading System for an Ultra Solid Potentially Ridiculously Profitable New Way to Trade as a Business or as a New “Job”…

Why DETONATOR11?  Why Would You Trade It? 

  • See systems results below.

  • You can learn it quickly.

  • Start with emini micros with as little as $40 for day trading margin.  40 RTY Profit points (which is massive – ask any emini trader) on emini micros is 40$5= $200 minus commissions.    So for rought calculations:  if you profit $200 a day, by the end of the week you’re at an extra $1000 in your account.  The bigger emini contracts has margins as little as $400 on ES so after a week you would already be at the emini size contract.  So therefore

  • At the emini size contract that $200 turns into $2000 a day because eminis are 10x bigger than emini micros.  And now you’ve got a decant daily paycheck going on.

  • So then you keep going on, let’s say, getting a, for example based on the system’s results below, $2000 a day and your account keeps growing and growing.  Now what do you do?  You increase your position size as a percent of your account and guess what happens?   With consistent performance of the system and you of the system your accounts enters a parabolic growth curve!  See how this works?

  • So you need 1. a solid system for trading.  2. you to trade that solid system solidly.  3. presto!

  • This is a clear cut price action system.

  • Learn this method, and in our opinion, dufus proof is built into the system.  It’s hard to screw up unless  you are one who always likes to reinvent the wheel, doesn’t like reading instructions, doesn’t respect stop loss points or profit taking points because you “don’t want to lose” or  you “want more profit”.  That said, even if you have those bad habits DETONATOR 11 is very good system to help you remedy that.

  • Trades 1 minute bars.  

  • Potential for trading for a really good living is really good!

DETONATOR11 Emini Day Trading System – System Results – Performance Sample

DETONATOR11 Performance Sample

Performance sample is based on the system’s trading rules.  It also includes estimated slippage.  Slippage will vary according to one’s attention span and experience with correctly executing the system   By trading on these days, according to systems entry and exit rules you could have had similar results if you took all the trades, were paying attention and traded the system accurately.

Fortunately this system is not hard to learn or trade in our opinion.  But you’ll still need to practice it and gain experience at trading it yourself.  You need to gain experience at identifying different types of price action, price bar scenarios on the price chart in relation to your system entries and exits.  You will get better and better over time, but there is some learning curve, although with DETONATOR11 your learning curve should be pretty short, meaning this system should be a relatively easy one to learn.

The results are based on taking all the trades in a system.  A lot of people these days have poor attention spans largely due to technology and bad food.  But, you can train yourself to pay attention better and better.  So no worries, just keep that in mind.

Also the results below are based on only trading this system, not mixing and matching with other systems, strategies or “ideas of the moment”.   If you want to succeed in trading, eventually you’re going to have to stick to a plan that you do over and over.  So you’ll want to work out that plan in your minds through practice.

Seeing is believing.  You won’t really believe in a system until you practice it and trade it to finally get those successful results.  Once you can become consistently successful in a way of trading, emini day trading, then you’re set for life.  Just keep being consistent in your performance and compound your trading account through a fixed % based position size.   

Keep a journal.  Maybe even journal with a speech to text service / software so you can pay attention to the charts.  We are trading 1 minute bars with this system.   Type out, speak out your thoughts into speech to text, to keep a journal for noting any mistakes you made and why.  Also journal out inner game related thoughts so you can improve on your inner game of trading as well. 

This emini day trading system is price action.  Here is a performance sample.  Average slippage was added to this performance sample.  Entries and exits are usually very clear and easy to catch.  You’ll need to pay attention to be ready for your next entry or stop out.  Also keep in mind that you do not have to trade all day..   Suggested shorter time windows would be:  9:30 to 11:30 or 1 to 4 NY Time.  Performance samples below are from 9:30 to 4:00 EST, all day. 

  • Fri July 21:  RTY 1m Bar:  +7.25+1.5-.7+.6-.8+1.4+.4+1.6-.3+2.1+.3+1.8+.3+.4+1.7+.2+2.3+3.1+.3+1
    .2+1.1-.6+1.8+1.1-.5-.3+.2+.2+1.2-.2+0+1.7+2.3+.7+.2-.4+.1+1.8-.6+4.9+2.8+.1+.4= +42.65 
  • Friday July 20 2023:  11.2+2.2-1.1+1.6-.9+1.2+1-.5+1.6+.7+.9+.4+1.3+.3+.2+.3+.4+2.4-.5+1.3+3.1-.6+.4
    +1.3+.1+.4+2.2+1.1+.3-.4-.5+.1+1.3-.6+.1+1.1+1.8+1.2+.2-.7-.6+.4+2.1= +37.8 
  • July 19 2023 +7.4+5.1+2.3-.9-1.2+6.1+.4+1.1+.7-1.2+.6-.9+1.2+.2+1.1+.6+2.2+5.4+2.1+1.3-
    1.2+.3+1.2+.3-.5+.3+1.4+.3+.4-.5+2.3-.4-.7-.3+1.4-.3+1.7+1.4-4+3.5+2.2+1.9-.6= +43.7 
  • July 18 2023: +10.7+5.6-.7-.5+1.6+7.3+.7+.3+.8-.7+1.6-.5+3.4+3.1+1.6-.7+.9-.5+1.7+.3+1.9+.3+.3+.1
    +1.6-.4+1.7+1.2+.2+.3+1.8+.3-.4+4.1+.9-.3+1.8+.3+.1+.9+1.3+.4-.1+.7+.7+.9-.4+2.1+.7 = +59 
  • July 17 2023: +12.1-1.2+.6+1.9+.9+1.7+.1+.1+.4+1.2+.2+2.2+1.8+.8+.3+3.4+2.2+.3+1.1-1.2+1.8+3.6 = +34.3 
  • ES 1M AUG 25 2023 -1.5-1.5+2+22-.5+12+5+18+8+12+8+2-2+6-2+1+8+2+4+4+.25+2.5+3.5-3+6.5+1+2-2+2.5+.5+2-1.5+1+6.5+2.5 =+130.75 WOW $653.75 per one emini micro contact.  Or $6,537.50 per 1 regular emini contract.  Wow.  Yes, was a faster day.  Yet markets  have been faster these days.