1. Is this software?
    1. No. These are systems that teach you how to trade through a video home study course. You will be actually learning how to trade on your own there for you will have a skill for life. Those dependent on software are not stable and are far less likely to succeed short, medium and long-term. Because ultimately software needs to be programmed, and at least with the parameters that you want.
  2. Q “So I know that most of the people selling systems don’t
    work. Before I spend $ 1,997 – $ 2,997 I need proof that your systems
    work.I don’t mind spending the money but I want to get what I’m paying
    for. Not some piece of crap that doesn’t work. Been there and done
    that Many times. If your system’s are for real and you are for real
    then you know what I’m talking about. Most of these people selling
    trading system’s don’t even trade them selfs.

    1.  A:  Sorry for your experiences.  When marketers get involve with trading they make up the most outlandish statements and sales letters.  They’ll just make stuff up.  And it sounds out of this world, magic mystical.  These parasites, unfortunately, have fried the brains of masses of people who have screwed up perspective on trading.   There are some really dumb customer expectations out there.  We’re looking for serious students who actually want to make money in emini trading and a lot of it.  We sell very good systems. And when the reported new economy comes in, in the new age, these systems will be either very expensive, way more than $3k or we’ll just take them down and focus on our trading companies.  So if you want a good system and you see the ability to buy it.  Then get it.  We offer full trading support with our support ticket system. 
    2. Different people will perform the system in different ways with different accuracy of execution and attention span, not that the system is an issue, most students are just bad, lazy students, just like in school!  If you want to succeed and make A LOT of money in trading then you’re simply going to need to “get good” at a trading system, just as you would need to get good at anything else if you wanted to succeed in that thing.  Unfortunately, many people have their brains and hearts fried by bad marketers and think that if they buy a system that it will come to life, open up their brokerage account, trade for them and send them checks in the mail every day.    If you’re like this then there’s not much hope for you to succeed in emini day trading or anything else for that matter, until you change your mind.  But that will probably require some hard life lessons.
    3. If you’re willing to study, practice, master a system and work with us to make sure that you’re going to be successful at trading that system then we want you as a student.  If not, please don’t buy our products.
    4. Money management position sizing accuracy and consistency is critical. But we’re not allowed to promise you future returns or future success, as you can see in the disclaimers below.  But we make good stuff.  We base our trading system development on high probability price action in price pattern concepts that have a strong potential of future performance. If you let us know what style you’re going for I can better direct you towards a better match are they trading system or strategy. We have many other systems and strategies for e-mini futures. 
    5. On the other hand, when we get questions like this they are often from students who never took the time to actually learn and practice the system. They usually took a quick glance, and then think they “have it all figured out” and do a very poor job at learning the system. This type of mindset person usually ends up throwing big chunks of money into position sizes trying to make money fast in brain fried foolishness too. And on top of that if they are trying to trade a system they usually do not trade the system, trading all the trades in a row, but they pick and choose what trades and miss others.  They pick trades based on their emotions so they tend to pick all the mediocre or losing trades. They usually never historical practice trade nor do they ever paper trade or demo account trade. This is common.

      Do a bad job learning and practicing a trading job, you’ll probably get bad results.  Do a good job in mastering a trading system, trading it correctly, seeing it work so you can start to actually believe in that system will allow the subconscious mind to pick up the trading of that system.  When you can get a good trading system into the subconscious mind then trading becomes much easier, more enjoyable and feel almost like it’s on “autopilot”.   Once you can get a good trading system turned into a habit, to be habitually traded by the subconscious mind, then you can potentially make fortunes as you compound your trading account over time.

    6. Another problem with this attitude we’ve seen in many students over time is that it’s so negative, that they draw to themselves new ways of failing. They invent new pitfalls even.

    7. Another thing we’ve seen students overtime is that if they have one bad day they think the entire system doesn’t work. That’s how the emotions go. But we can’t go by our emotions in trading at all. We need to remain strategic and have a long-term view even though we are day trading e-mini futures. This means that we need to use proper money management position sizing and know that we will always have days that are very slow or rougher for one’s  trading approach which usually means that you’re about to cycle into a few good days in a row.  Price action behavior cycles over days.  So a good trading system will look to net out profit over all of the good days versus bad days. It’s just how it is and every professional knows this. And if you have a problem with this and maybe trading is not for you.
  3. Do you have more emini systems and emini strategies vs what is on this site?
    1. Yes we have a ton more. .Contact us with your questions and what you’re looking for because we probably have a solution for you