HARVESTER Emini Day Trading System

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HARVESTER Emini Day Trading System Price Action Only Based

Time to Step it Up and Be Able to “Put on a Show” in Your Emini Trading By Employing HARVESTER – a Super Solid High Probability Approach that You Can Trade as a System or As a Strategy for Potential Dominating Success

Reap the Rewards of the Market’s  “Mistakes” as Traders Freakout Draining Profits INTO YOUR Account…

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System Performance Result Sample:

  1. ES IS $50 PER POINT. $12.50 A TICK NQ IS $20 A POINT.  TF IS $50/POINT  YM IS $5 A POINT
  1. ES: 10-15 2018 price action  + 2-3 + 6 +1+ 9 + 12 + 7 + 5 + 6 + 11 + 7-3 + 16= +76
  1. ES 10-12:  10 a.m TO 16:30 + 9-4+ 15+ 14-2 -2 + 9 + 9= +48
  1. ES 10-11: + 7-2 + 26 + 12 +9 + 7 + 11 + 3-7 + 26 + 4 3 + 19= +154 (insane!)
  1. ES 10-10: + 2 + 5 + 14 + 3 + 4 + 7-6 + 4-2-4 + 28= +55
  1. ES 10-9 : + 1 + 9 + 6 + 2-3 + 2 + 5 -3 + 4 +1+ 2 + 2 + 2-2.5-1 + 1 + 5+1= +33.5

System performance results sample:  That’s 366 profit points of ES in 5 days.  That’s 73 profit points a day average. That’s $18,300 per contract.  That’s $3,660 per day per contract or $36,660 a day per 10 contracts.

Those are faster market performance examples.  But the speed of the markets increase and decrease all the time.  The more news drama there is the more volatility there is which usually means the more profit opportunity  we have.   You should be prepared for slow days and maybe even a losing day every now and then without freaking out.  Don’t get spoiled in the super great times and down get down in the slow times.  It all and always averages back out, in terms of speed of markets.

  • All entries and exits are according to the system rules.
  • Performance will vary that said the system is not very difficult to trade. It’s pretty easy to see to identify when you have a trade too.
  • This is not software this is real trading where you watch and react.  We teach you the secrets of the system and how to trade it in the online course.
  • The system has a fun feel  helping make it more doable for the novice.
  • Profit and loss results were rounded down to help incorporate slippage and average amounts of mistakes.
  • Past results don’t apply future results. that said this is a solid price action they system based on solid concepts that have stood the test of time and will very likely stand the test of time due to human nature or natural numerical cycles that shows up on price charts.
  • This type of system has the ability to perform solidly  on most all days  and has the ability to hold its own on the very tight “seismograph” types of days.
  • This is a system and the results are shown running the system systematically which means that we would take all the trades that the system shows.
  • Yet you can also use this trading mechanism that is within the system to trade  HARVESTER  in a strategic way. That means you can use the method to wait for your ideal setups in combination with other factors that you may know already.
  • Or you can simply pop into the market just about whenever you want and use this system for trading opportunities on the fly. The trading setup is very strong and dependable!

How Easy or Hard is it to Trade HARVESTER?

It’s pretty easy.  Just practice and study historically, even do historical paper trading (look bar by bar and ask “what do I do on this bar?” without looking ahead) to get used to all different sorts of price action character days.

It’ trades 3 minute bars so it’s a pretty nice pace, not too fast.

Some folks will be able to pick up trading HARVESTER right away who keep their minds and emotions simple.  But others who are filled with all sorts of swirling emotions and doubts, you’ll just have to paper trade/demo trade/pretend trade longer. 

“How Soon Can I Start Making Money with HARVESTER?

Technically, tomorrow or the next trading day.  It depends on your personality and trading experience. IF you’ve had good trading experience they you can pick up this systems very quickly probably.  But if you’ve made a lot of mistakes, broke a lot of rules and caused yourself emotional damage you’re just going to need to practice the system for a while before you can get your beliefs up. 

Focus on trading the system well, not on making money fast.   The market respects good traders who like trading.  But if you hate trading and are just trying to make a quick buck or are only in it for the money then the markets usually do not take to well to that, or rather, one who has that attitude tend to not react well to the markets usually out of impatience. 

How Easy is it to Start Making Money Tomorrow with HARVESTER

In my opinion, it’s easy.   Just don’t complicate it.  Use common sense.  Get good at the system.  Then after you’ve provide to be consistently profitable, start growing your position size as your account grows. 

What if I’m a Newbie?  Can I Learn HARVESTER Fast?

Being a newbie is even better.  A lot of people who have dabbled in trading over the years made a mess for themselves by learning lame info or just by being dumb.   The markets are what they are.  You just need to be there taking when the markets are giving and doing nothing when the markets are taking. That’s why we trade a system.  When to get in and out is all in the rules.  It’s all very clear.  You’ll know what to do every step of the way. 

How Much Can I Make a Day with HARVESTER?

  • The markets go slow, medium, fast and super fast from day to day. On the fastest days you have the potential to pull in the most profits.
  • Also, sometimes mornings are slow and afternoons are fast or vice versa in terms of speed of price action.   So you can’t necessarily judge the whole day by the morning. 
  • Additionally, you can’t really tell if a day is going to be fast or slow based on what is happening pre-markets, pre 9:30 a.m.
  • Speaking of pre markets – you can make a lot of money overnight or very early morning trading price action there for those who are night owls, early rises or simply live in other time zones.  Some of you may make more money during those times because it’s less competitive vs. the NY hours. 
  • Anyways, the amount of profit points one could make will vary from day to day based on the speed of the markets, how fast and how many points it moves when it makes a swing on the 3 minute bars.      Also the WAY price moves about will affect profit points too i.e. stagnant vs. smooth and flowing vs wild swings (wild swings are great and can be very profitable).  And that is profit per contract.  
  • And of course, if you trade with more contracts with the same amount of profit points then  you make more times the number of contracts you add.
  • For example:  if you average say 35 profit points per day on ES.  And are trading 1 contract, then that would be $1,750 a day  minus commissions.  If trading 10 contracts that would be $17,500 a day average “daily paycheck”.  You want to keep growing your position size as your account grows (increasing position size at a nice easy pace). 

What If I Don’t Have a Lot of Money- Can I Trade HARVESTER?

Sure.  Just use e-mini micros. They are 1/10th the size of the regular emini contract  There are brokers out there that let you open an account for $100 and then all you need to do is maintain $40 for day trading margins on ES, for example.  

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