Viceroy – a New Generation Powerful Solid Cash Flow Generation Emini Day Trading System

Powerful, pure price action emini day trading system. Incredible control. One bar pop system. Trade it for a small amount of time a day or all day or at night. Trading for a Good Living style system.

Gain More Control of Your Trading.   POP Cash Flow Over and Over Throughout the Day into Your Trading Account:  See System’s Results Below

June 24 21 ALL DAY. RTY
1.7+.5+3-1+2-.5+2-.5-.4-.6+.2+1.5-.7-1.2+.2-.3-.3+1+1+3-.3+.5+.2+1.2-1.5-.3-1.4-.5+.3-.5-.7+2-1+.7+2.3+0+1.2+3.6-.4+3.5+2.5+1.4+1.7+1+1.5+.4-.3+3+2.4 = +33.1 = $1,655/ Contract.   $16,550/ 10 Contracts

June 28 21 ALL DAY. RTY
= +36.8 GREAT. $1,840/ Contract.   $18,400/ 10 Contracts