AD3 Emini Day Trading System

Claim Price Action Domination in the Emini Day Trading Markets that Can Not Be Denied!

ad3-emini day trading system


Performance Summary:  YM 101.5 points a day average systems results which translates to approximately:

  • $527.5 / day per contract
  • $5,275 / day per 10 contracts
  • $26,375  / day per 50 contracts
YM Pts /Day Avg Systems Results1 ct10 cts50 cts


ad3-emini day trading system-coverWhat is AD3 Emini Day Trading System?

  • Trades 5 minute bars
  • Able to capture most significant moves
  • Great solid style trading approach applicable across most eminis and other futures
  • This is not software it is a video based home study course you access online.  We teach you how to trade the system so you own a skill for life.


Performance Sample of Systems Results

This is YM below.  You can compare this to other day trading systems on our site.  You can see below the results have been very strong.  This is a super solid system able to capture most moves.  This system trades hard.  We take our momentum moves and look to cash out as fast as we can.

The systems results are based on the system rules.

18-Aug726-5497-81413-27    81
19-Aug621-5-4216-3-490133    99
22-Aug-177064-5-62250-4303264-31 226
17-Aug-74-326-3563162-1114     97
16-Aug265-121312-6-32-41-79116  53
15-Aug24-6-513-312323568   53
       Pts /Day Avg1 ct10 cts50 cts      609
       101.5/day$507.50/day$5,075.00/day$26,375 /day     Daily Average101.5