CRANKER CORE Emini Day Trading System

CRANKER CORE – Emini Day Trading System

CRANKER CORE – Emini Day Trading System Develop for a Solid Approach for Consistent Cash Flow…

Why Trade CRANKER CORE – Emini Day Trading System?

As you gain experience and trading over time you  discover that the most powerful day  trading systems are ones that are super solid and that can just Pummel out profits, smash out profits on a daily basis.

These types of systems that are what we call Smash Mouth types of systems are very important! Most people try to get too fancy when all they need to do is repeat a simple solid method over and over and then just increase their position size.

CRANKER CORE – Emini Day Trading System  will fit certain personalities right away but other personalities May need to get used to this system a little bit but that shouldn’t take too long after looking at the track record, systems performance results.

It feels almost therapeutic to trade. If you have been struggling in your e-mini day trading  then try CRANKER CORE – Emini Day Trading System

NEW Super Doable Daily Cash Flow Solution CRANKER CORE – Emini Day Trading Solution – Get Emini Daily Cash Flow DONE

  • Cave man style – the best in day trading.  Plow out, club out profits out of the markets.  CRANKER CORE Gives you a Big Club!
  • No more need to get tossed around my the emini markets.  Just plow over them for netting out profits with a long time proven approach to trading we invented close to 15 years ago.
  • Are you looking for daily paychecks?  Well then, CRANKER CORE gives you that very high probability possibility.
  • Trades 1 minute bars giving you lots of profit opportunities all through the day.
  • Looking to start a new trade from home job?  Learn CRANKER CORE!
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Benefits of CRANKER CORE – Emini Day Trading System

Learn and Master a powerful way to trade, to day trade e-mini futures.

Gain a way to trade that can be used on other instruments such as stocks,  Forex  and other assets.

Learn and invention, a discovery we made many years ago that has resulted in new ways to take advantage of the way price moves about on a chart for more consistent profitability.

Be able to use CRANKER CORE – Emini Day Trading System  a different hours of the day or night in order to trade the markets for cash flow generation whenever you need or want.

Have a method for potentially making a good living that can save you a lot of time.

Have a method of day trading that you can scale up there by increasing your position size as your trading account grows.

Features of CRANKER CORE – Emini Day Trading System

Learn a trading skill you can use for Life. CRANKER CORE – Emini Day Trading System  is based on some core fundamentals of how price moves around on a price chart that the market simply can’t get around. And you can be there to collect in between.

Flexible trading system and that you can trade whenever you want.

CRANKER CORE – E-mini Day Trading System  applies to all e-mini futures.

CRANKER CORE – E-mini Day Trading System  trades one minute bars.

You can use CRANKER CORE – E-mini Day Trading System  to trade e-mini micro futures. And yes even though e-mini microfutures are 1/10 the size you can still generate a good income off of even one contract meaning that the size is good enough. E-mini micro futures on ES e-mini  microfutures or RTY  e-mini  microfutures  pay $5 a point of profit versus $50 a point of profit for the regular e-mini.

How to Learn CRANKER CORE – E-mini Day Trading System In Order to Get Up and Running Quickly

The system will not take too long to learn. You can also open up support tickets and use  annotated screenshots to accelerate your progress dramatically.

You can do some historical study. You can do some historical paper trading. And you’re a broker should be able to provide you a good demo account otherwise you can just watch the price bars in real time and pretend to put in a live order while pretending to exit upon a profit-taking trail stop. All you’re doing is making sure you have the mechanics down and then you’re good to go!

just start small. Make sure you’ve got the system down pat and are not making any mistakes. The good thing is that this  e-mini day trading system is straightforward and pretty simple in concept once you get the concept.

E-mini CRANKER CORE  ES 1M Bars Performance Sample

A 2.5  hour performance sample is given as a picture of a more doable day trading window for the on average busy person. 

What is great about CRANKER CORE is that it’s in the “Smash Mouth” style which means it’s a price action trading method that tends to be very solid and consistent across all sorts of different price action days.  And we are trading emini 1 minute bars. 

Performance examples are based on EST or New York Time  market open till lunch time.  Do you need to trade the opens?  No. the afternoon 1-4 is good too.  Most traders go to lunch between 12-1 p.m. 

July 14 2023 from open to noon: 2.5 hours ES Emini Futures. 

 + .5 – 1.25 + 3.25 – 2.25 – 1.75 + 7.75 – 1.75 -3.25 -.75 + .5 – .5 + 9.25 + .75 – 1.75 – 0.25 +5.25 – 1 – 1.25 – 1 + .5 + 3 + 1.75 =+14.75  stop at noon = $737.5 minus commissions. 

CRANKER CORE 1m bars RTY emini futures 10 to 12:30 a.m. EST
= +19.7 Stop at 12:30 = $985 minus commissions. 

CRANKERCORE Aug 24 23′ 9:30 till noon a.m. EST
+.3-1.2-.3+1.6+8.1-.4-.7+5.1+.3-.4-.5+.7+3.4+2.8-1.2+.1+3.7+1.5-.4+.3+1.8-.8-.4 = +23.4 for 2.5 hours of trading = $1,170 minus commissions. 

ES  1 minute bars August 25th 2023

-1.25 – .5 – .25 – .75 +6.5 + 22.5 + 21.25 – 4.5 + .25 + 7.75 + .5 – 2.25 + 15.75 + 4 + 11.25 – 2.25 + 8.25 +1.25 – 3.75 + 7.5=  + 91.25 till noon for 2.5 hours trading = $4,562.50 on 1 emini contract minus commissions. 

ES 1 minute bars August 28th 2023 +3.25 + .75 + .5 + 2.75 -.5 + 3.25 + 6.75 – 2.5 +3 +2.25 – 1.75 + 1.25 – 1.5 -.25 – .75 +1.75 + 6.25 =  + 24.5 till noon for 2.5 hours trading = $1,225 on 1 e-mini contract minus commissions. 

ES 1 minute bars August 29 2023 +1+1-2+1+6-.5-2+1+19+2+5+3+.5-2-1+6+2=+39 TILL NOON for 2.5 hours trading = $1,950 on 1 e-mini contract minus commissions. 

ES 1 minute bars August 31 2023  -1.5+5-.5+.3+1.7-1+1.6+1.7-1+.5+.1+.5+.2+2+1.6+.7-.5-1+1-1-.5+.7-.7+.6+3+1.7+2.8
=+18 till noon for 2.5 hours trading = $900 on 1 e-mini contract minus commissions. 

  • Get a hold of a SOLID approach to be used to CRANK to PUMMEL out profits out of the markets on a daily basis.
  • CRANKER CORE is used as a “blue collar” method of day trading. No fancy this or that.   No twinkle toes optimizations in real time for those who get themselves sucked into an emotional hysteria every time the market says “boo”, flinches this way or that or doesn’t go with “inspirational idea of the moment” (which is usually wrong) caused by manufactured ideal ideas due to being high on hopium.
  • Stop letting the markets beat up on you.  Turn the tables and start beating up the markets with CRANKER CORE!
  • Get a day trading system that you can use on your own for life.
  • Trade for 30 minutes.  Trade for 2 hours.  Trade all day.  Trade in the evening session.  With CRANKER CORE you now acquire this POWER to have the high probability ability to make money emini trading whenever you want to trade throughout the day or night.
  • Are you tired of trying to trade emini strategies or systems that are just too hard to trade and no fun?  Well the solution for that is to go in a more “cave man”, “cave woman” style and plow through the markets with a super solid method like CRANKER CORE.  You will not be disappointed!
  • Get CRANKER CORE rolling for yourself  You can learn it today and start historically practicing it and demo practicing it.  CRANKER CORE is a FAST LEARN system.  It won’t take long before your ready to go turn on the CRANKER CORE machine upon the emini markets. 


Additional Explanation Videos of CRANKER CORE Emini Day Trading System – Make Sure You Learn This System – It’s That Important!