BOOMERANG6 E-mini Day Trading System – a Simple, Clear, Easy to Trade, Fun E-mini Day Trading System Designed for Cash Flow Generation in a Couple to Few Hours a Day

What is BOOMERANG6 E-mini Day Trading System?

BOOMERANG6 E-mini daytrading system is a high probability E-mini day trading system designed to provide you a way to potentially make a solid income, a solid living from day trading E-mini futures or E-mini micro futures.

For those of you just starting out, E-mini micro futures, which is 1/10 the size of an E-mini future, is a great way to start.  You could even make a good living trading E-mini micro futures in that they are smaller but they can still produce enough profit off of one contract off of which one could live quite well. 

Get More Info on BOOMERANG6 Specifically

The BOOMERANG6 approach to trading has been working consistently year after year for years as a way to enter the markets for a high powered burst of price action. 

BOOMERANG6 daytrading system has excellent price action logic so therefore it is a method that can be used for the sake of pursuing a solid cash flow income from the e-mini Futures markets.

That said you still have to learn the system and get good at trading it while reacting to different speeds of market,  different price action behavior of the markets for that day,  your own personal distractions, any bad habit desire to do real-time experimentation,  any bad habit desire to get away from your logical money management position sizing plan and the other basics like that. 

So therefore if you can trade a solid, simple trading method in a simple way then you can put yourself in a position to succeed over time and e-mini day trading or any form of trading.

Why Use BOOMERANG6 E-mini Day Trading System?

If you’re looking for a solid way to day trade e-mini futures or e-mini micro futures then use this.

You have the wind at your back with multiple other momentum factors when using BOOMERANG6 and that makes trading more fun; it feels better to trade that way.

A lot of people trade e-mini systems that are either too complicated or that don’t have a good feeling in reaction to the marketplace. So.

Most people don’t feel good about their job every day but they do it anyways. With a good trading system yes you have to show up and do it but BOOMERANG6 is pretty fun to trade too!

Also BOOMERANG6 is a good system for beginners because it focuses more on higher precision and higher probability moves versus trying to take too many trades that beginners usually can’t handle very well.

Benefits OF BOOMERANG6 E-mini Daytrading System – E-mini Micro Day Trading System

A  strong probability, potential way to trade for a good living.  We’re not allowed to promise you future results yet based on the historical stability of this trading approach chances are pretty good if one trades it correctly.

A flexible system that can be traded in choice batches of time whenever you want. You could even use the system to trade in the evening markets or the early morning markets.

A solid approach to trading that has the ability to be compounded over time thereby also creating wealth.

A day trading system that could be traded in as little as an hour a day which then can help free up your time.

A way to start making money that you can employ and also a way to potentially start making a lot of money as your position size grows along with the size of your trading account growth.

Features or BOOMERANG6 E-mini Futures Day Trading System

It’s a  e-mini day trading system that is fast to learn.

Then you just need to practice it on the demo until you feel comfortable that you are correctly entering and exiting according to the system. That shouldn’t take too long. So therefore you could get rolling with this system pretty quickly depending on your good experience and lack of bad  trading habits.

You could trade it for a half an hour. You could trade it for an hour. You could trade it all day long. You could trade it during the evening hours. BOOMERNAG6  is flexible so you can trade a slot of time here or there however you want.

What does it take to put BOOMERANG6 E-mini Day Trading System to work?

Performance of BOOMERANG6 E-mini Day Trading System – Performance Samples in Just 2.5 Hours a Day Trading

You could trade more.  Yes, if you traded more you would likely make more.  But you don’t have to trade longer hours to make more.  It’s better to trade a slot of time consistently every day and then just grow your position size as your account grows. 

ES 1M BARS Start 9:30
5+.5+2.75+2+5-3.5+3.5-2+1.5-1.25+1.5+3 =+18 stop at noon.  = $900 minus commissions on 1 E-mini contract.

ES July 16 2023

-1.25-.5+.25+1.25+.25+4.5+.75+2.75-1.25+.5+1+.25-1.5+1+1.25+.5=+9.75 till noon. = $487.5 minus commissions on 1 E-mini contract.

RTY July 16 2023

 .7+.3+1.8+1.8+.5+7.8-.5+3+1.1+1.6+.6+.8 = +19.5 till noon = $950 minus commissions on 1 E-mini contract.

+.7+3.9+2+.3+.7+7.8-2.6+2.1+1.1+1.6+.6+.8 = +19 till noon = $900 minus commissions on 1 E-mini contract.