RAKKEM E-mini Day Trading System

A Powerful, Solid Way for Emini Day Trading. Designed in Through the Trading for a Good Living Systems Development Approach.

  • A most solid way of day trading eminis.
  • A type of trading system with the potential and probability to endure the test of time.
  • Use to day trading all eminis.
  • A good paced system to trade.
  • Has a good feeling to trade.  Can be a confidence booster if just starting out or if looking to recover from struggling. 
  • RAKKEM gives you an exact clear plan on what to do at all times.  Very clear anticipation, setup, entries and exits. It’s a great, solid approach to trading. 

System’s Performance Sample:

  • YM Nov 4 2020: 
    290+73+15+98+22+45+24+12+36+44+83+74 = +816
  • YM Nov 3 2020 
    15+127+23+112+15-27+30+24+18-28+23-27+24+23-34+26-29+77 = +392
  • == NOV 2 YM 
    21+23+34-40-25+20+21-18+137+16+42 = +231
  • === OCT 30 
    28-70+43-42-54+48+41+58+87+33+28+208 = +408
  • ===  OCT 29 YM 
    42-52+62+12-46+21+36+48+253+36-39 = +373

Introducing RAKKEM – The Rock-Solid E-mini Day Trading System You’ve Been Looking For

Are you tired of unstable or unreliable day trading systems that don’t deliver consistent profits?

Do complex strategies only lead to confusion and second-guessing yourself? Then RAKKEM is the answer – a simple yet powerful system designed to take the guesswork out of Emini futures trading once and for all.

By following its clear rules for entries, exits and risk management, traders of all experience levels can trade RAKKEM which has had of 300-500 YM points per day systems results.

Unlike other systems, RAKKEM was created using a proven methodology for developing robust and enduring strategies. It focuses only on high-quality setups offering the greatest reward:risk. Trades are taken with confidence based on objective triggers rather than gut feelings or hope. The results speak for themselves.

RAKKEM arms you with a repeatable, rule-based approach that transforms Emini day trading from a gamble into a business. No wading through endless indicators or chart junk – the interface is clean and uncluttered so you can stay focused on execution. Best of all, it’s fully explained with tutorials, trade examples and  access to experts should you need clarification or refinement of your skills.

Don’t settle for uncertain profits when you can start day trading with an elite system trusted by professionals. Take control of your trading and change your financial future starting today with RAKKEM. Click the add to cart button below to get started.