FIRECRACKER4 V.2 Emini Day Trading System

Are You Looking for a Way to Pull Money from the E-mini Futures Markets Just about Whenever You Want? 

That’s the Way We Like to Trade! Learn an Emini Day Trading System that Just May Be Able Help You Accomplish that Goal….

We have recently updated the FIRECRACKER4 NOW with Version 2 e-mini day trading system. This is a pretty laid-back system to trade. I know a lot of people have gotten themselves into systems that are a little bit too active for them which then causes them to miss trades or get into error. So this system especially with the new tweaks could help you really start to take off in your trading and finally achieve that success that you’ve been wanting to achieve.

I do want you to keep in mind that these are there have been some faster market times than average in the sample below but that’s just when they system was tweaked and sampled for you. This is why you see some of the bigger numbers then maybe several years ago. But at anytime things can change in the markets to go faster or slower.

Regardless we’ve added some more tweaks to the system to help you potentially make more money more easily. Additionally we have focused on Dow e-mini futures YM and this system is not limited to YM whatsoever and may even do better on other instruments.

FIRECRACKER4 V2 e-mini day trading system focuses on core fundamental price action principles for the sake of consistency. In order to make money over the long-term one needs consistency of NET PROFIT as opposed to what a lot of people do which is to try to find some system that wins 100% of the time.

That chase is called the Holy Grail Chase and ends up making a person no money in fact losing money over time and is a large waste of time and life mind state.

What if you were able to take out those big intraday a swing on a repeated basis while avoiding lesser mediocre trading setups?

FIRECRACKER4 V2  breaks into the psychology behind intraday price swings so you can step in front of those day trading price swings with good precision and finesse.  FIRECRACKER4 V2:

  • Trades price action only with our creative approach
  • No indicators or anything else needed.
  • Impress your friends by trading simply by looking at a chart!
  • This is a day trading system.  
  • Trades 3 minute bars.
  • This is a video based home study course that teaches you the trading system secret sauce rules.  Not software.  
  • You’ll have a skill for life.  
  • You’ll have a way to potentially trade for a very good living.  

Are you looking for a simple way to trade the e-mini markets?

Are you looking for a method that could potentially making money everyday in just about every market condition?

Are you looking for a way to finally succeed in day trading?

You’ll want to check out this FIRECRACKER4 V2 trading system then.

Performance – Systems Results – FIRECRACKER4 V2 Emini Day Trading System

Here’s a systems result based on entries and exits of the system with added estimated slippage. The objective here is learn the system and become very good trading the system to put yourself in position of capturing these high probably intraday swing day trading positions on a repeated basis.

Here are some 2020 performance samples. You can adjust averages of system results below to the current speed of the market that you are in at the moment to get a better picture of greater profitability to less. 

As you can see below, there is potential to trade for a solid income, trade for a living and compound profits up over time to grow a large trading account.  But this takes accuracy of trading the system, consistency in trading the system taking all the trades while doing nothing else.  That may seem like common sense but when emotions get on the line or if people don’t take trading seriously as they would their job then they make all sorts of mistakes.

This system is built on the “Trading for a Good Living” systems development philosophy to be able to stand the test of time to the highest degree of probability since entry and exit rules are based on the fundamental matrix of price action movement. 

YM Dow 30 Emini Futures

  • November 11, 2020  +58+8+9+12. +10-5-11+112 = +193  $965/1 contract
  • November 10 +119+170+32+18-15+26-25+20+92+83-47-12+27 = +488   $2,440/1 contract
  • November 9 +252+51-118-21-14-96+164+32-23+3+352 = +582  $2,910/1 contract
  • November 6 +43+3-33-22+18-23-25-36-5+7+9+1+39+92 = +68   $340/1 contract
  • November 5 +20+17-27-29+18-12-5+9-18+47 = +20   $100/1 contract
  • November 4 +29+105+11+33+7+52-73+25+4 = +193  $965/1 contract
  • November 3 +222+53+19-25-7+62+41 = +365  $1,825/1 contract
  • November 2 +90+18+32-7 -42-12+30+17+ 111+36+15 = +288  $1,440/1 contract
  • Oct 30: 242-42+131+28+42+2-36+44-28+31+212 = +626   $3,130/1 contract
  • Oct 29: 90+130-72+12+41-12-45+48+288+71+32 = + 583  $2,915/1 contract

193 + 488 + 582 + 68 + 20 + 193 + 365 + 288 + 626 + 583 =  3,406 YM points  * $5 per point equals $17,030.   That’s in 10 days.  And that comes out to $1,703 per day average per contract.   

With 10 contracts per trade you’re looking at $17,030 per day per 10 contracts or $170,300 for 10 days.   If you’re starting off small then you can build up to 10 contracts and more.



Nov 30: +19+5.5-1-2+1-2+1-1 = +20.5  $1,025/1 contract

Nov 27 +2+2+3+3 = +10  $500/1 contract

Nov 25+4+.5-1+4+1+2+2.5+4 = +17   $850/1 contract

Nov 24 -4+5+8+7+1+3+2.5+0+3.5+1.5-2-1 = +24.5   $1,225/1 contract

Nov 23  5+16+2-1+11+11-3+13.5+3.75 = +58.25   $2,912.5/1 contract

Nov 20: -1.5-2.5+2-1-1.5+1.2+3-.5+2.8-.5+1+6.5-2.5+5+14 = +25.5  $1,275/1 contract

Nov 19:  +5+3++8+5+2.75+3-1.5+5+10-2+2 = +40.25  $2,012.5/1 contract



Nov 30 7+110+7+7-3+9+5+40+9-5 = +186  $3,270/1 contract

Nov 27: -12+56-5-5+1+9-9 = +35  $700/1 contract

Nov 25: -15+1-9-7-5+34+12+6+12+2 = +31 $620/1 contract

Nov 24:  16+67+2+18+3+24+8-8 = +130  $2,600/1 contract

Nov 23:  +2+62+4+2-5+5+72-18-9-6+19-5-11+5 = +117  $2,340/1 contract

Nov 20  4+16+6+2-5-5-4+9-3-4+11+9+6+27-7-5 = +57  $1,140/1 contract

Nov 19: +10+10+19-6+4+13+27-6+22-6-2+7-13 = +79  $1,580/1 contract

Nov 18: +3+31+15+17-11+35-7-11-5-5-20+8+71 = +121   $2,420/1 contract

Nov 17:  +21+32-12-10+10-11-7+19-5+18+10+3 = +68  $1,360/1 contract


This video is an overview of the first version of the system.  So keep that in mind.  We’ll have to create a new video shortly. 

$2997 (could pay for it’s self in one day for some of you guys – and much cheaper than a franchise!)




FIRECRACKER4 V2 Emini Day Trading System Just Could Be Your Ticket to Get Started NOW.  

  • Get in exact plan that is simple to execute every day.

  • Learn a skill for life as we teach you the secrets behind the system and how to apply those secrets in real time.

  • Study, increase your belief in the system, start small then advance upon consistent success. Aim to compound larger and larger position sizes over time as your account grows for more and more cashflow and net worth too.

  • Get started learning FIRECRACKER4 Emini System:


$2997 (could pay for it’s self in one day for some of you guys – and much cheaper than a franchise!)