CRANKER FLOW Emini Day Trading System

CRANKER FLOW E-mini Day Trading System

Enjoy a New, Optimized Version of Our CRANKER Trading Method with the CRANKER FLOW E-mini Day Trading System.

CRANKER FLOW is a Perfect System for Beginners and is a Perfect Type of Long Term System to Use Combining the Concepts of SOLID & Trend Flow.  Start Putting CRANKER FLOW to Work & Start Compounding Your Returns!   

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Overview of the CRANKER FLOW E-mini Day Trading System

The CRANKER FLOW E-mini Day Trading System is a trading method designed for trading E-mini futures. It is an optimized version of the CRANKER Trading Method and offers a solid new way to trade, but with a trend flow which makes a little less… smash mouthed!

Smash mouthed?  Yes.  What’s that’s.  Its an approach that looks to target a more base line price action trading process.  Why?  Solidity.  Solidity is the MOST profitable word in trading. And solidity stands for solidity of past performance with a most probably likely hood of future performance.  See?

All big, professional businesses over time end up aiming for a process that delivers a most solid, definite net profit.  Because when they find that, they can scale out their marketing, their business product availability to grow their profits to large amounts.  This same concept can be used in trading.  Professionals eventually learn to stop chasing winning percent and start chasing stable net profit.  Most people won’t understand this.  It’s usually those with a lot of experience who do.

And so, CRANKER CORE takes this approach for a solid approach for high probability profit getting across all types of price action days.  And CRANKER FLOW ads some finesse while combining the solidity concept with a trend flow concept.

Some days CRANKER FLOW flows “like a dream” as some would say.  Other days the markets can be more annoying.  But the markets will always oscillate between nice vs. annoying.  That’s just the nature of how price action flows in general and in day trading the 1 minute bars.

The system aims to exploit market mechanisms that occur repeatedly and generate consistent profits. It is one of the trading systems offered by E-mini Trading Authority.

The CRANKER FLOW E-mini Day Trading System is part of a range of trading systems offered by E-mini Trading Authority. Other systems include the FutureFLOW E-mini Day Trading System and the RESOLUTIO! E-mini Day Trading System. These systems provide different approaches and methods for trading E-mini futures.

E-mini futures are a type of futures contract that tracks the performance of a specific stock market index, such as the S&P 500. Day trading E-mini futures involves buying and selling these contracts within the same trading day to take advantage of short-term price movements. It can be a way to generate income from the markets on a daily basis.

How Much Does it take to Start Day Trading CRANKER FLOW?

To start day trading E-mini futures, it is recommended to have sufficient capital. The initial margin required to day trade 1 contract of E-mini futures is around US$400 to $500 (depending on the e-mini broker), while for Micro E-mini futures, it is around US$40-50. However, usually one starts out with at least 2-3 times that amount as capital, such as US$1200 for E-mini futures and US$120 for Micro E-mini futures but that’s cutting in close and you would need to practice and master the method so you’re not making unnecessary mistakes in real time when you start to trade.  Fortunately, CRANKER FLOW is pretty easy, straight forward to trade.   That also makes CRANKER FLOW a good e-mini day trading system for beginners.

Overall, the CRANKER FLOW E-mini Day Trading System offers traders a new, optimized version of the CRANKER Trading Method for trading E-mini futures. It is designed to provide a solid approach for consistent cash flow in day trading.

CRANKER FLOW E-mini Day Trading System Performance Examples

+3 + 7.25 – 3.25 + .75 + 7.5 – 0.25 + 5.25 + .5 =  +20.75 stop at noon.

April 16 2024

2.5-3.5-2.25+3.5+0+3-1.5+5+2.75-1.5+3.25-1.5+2.5+1.25-.5+7.5-1-.5+5.75-1.5-1.25+7.5+2.25+17.25-1-3-2.5+1.25+.5-1.5-1.5+12.5 = +53.75 All day –

April 15 2024

=+109 All day – that’s a lot.  It was a faster moving day.

  • Trade a Great SOLID E-mini day trading system with CRANKER FLOW.  SOLID is key.  The successful E-mini traders trade SOLID methods that they can repeat over and over.
  • Learn CRANKER FLOW for a method for day trading for a potential very good living.  Learn it. Practice it.  Master it.  Prove it to yourself and GO!