Fortunes to Be Made with FIRECRACKER4 E-mini Day Trading System

There’s Fortunes to Be Made with FIRECRACKER4 E-mini Day Trading System

Fortunes to be Made with FIRECRACKER4 E-mini Day Trading System – Lay Out Your Long Term Plans for Compounding

When using the FIRECRACKER4 E-mini Day Trading System all you need to do is show  up and simply trade the system.

The stats don’t lie – FIRECRACKER4 consistently achieved profits due to its cutting-edge methodology.

Here’s what’s new – I’ve developed a long term compounding framework customizing FIRECRACKER4 for exponential gains. By establishing position sizes relative to your equity curve and incorporating incremental adjustments, you can scale your trading business over the years.  How?  Well if you are consistently profitable as the FIRECRACKER4 trading system shows, by it’s exact, clear system rules, then with consistent profitability comes much power. the power to compound profits.

So therefore, think of it this way:  let’s say you set aside $5000 per 1 E-mini contract for intraday trading which usually has around a $400 to $500 intraday margin.  And you start consistently making profits.  Let’s say you average 20 ES points a day profit which is $1000 minus commissions.  Well in 5 days, you have $5000 in profit, for this example.  So then, why not trade 2 contracts?   

Sure you may want to build up a buffer to say $20,000 and then start adding another contract per every $5000 in profit.   But then you’re trading with 2 contracts and you average 20 points a day.  Well now it only takes you 2.5 days to reach $5000 in profits.  So in that 5 days you could add 2 more contracts and now you’re at 4 contract trading!

Are you catching my drift?  (as they used to say…)  Are you getting what I’m saying?  Are you seeing the MAGIC of compounding?   

So the key secret is to ESTABLISHED CONSISTENCY.  That doesn’t mean you make an exact 20 points a day as some think to their detriment.  You have to think in terms of averages with the markets since the markets speed and behavior changes every day. 

Imagine retiring with financial freedom in just a few years. Or better yet, leverage that wealth to invest in real estate syndicates, startup ventures, and other passive income streams. Build an empire!

 Get started with FIRECRACKER4 today at and take control of your financial future. The time to implement long term profits is now.

It’s a solid approach.  You’ll see once you demo trade it. 


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