New Array of E-mini Powerful Pretty Easy to Trade Day Trading Systems Designed for Daily Cash Flow.

These systems were released also for helping people find a new job, a new career, a new work from their home gig since that’s a big trend these days.  

Plus people just need new, more and better ways of generating cash flow income, preferably in the form of a daily paycheck.  Actually, preferably in the form of a FAT daily paycheck. And that’s where Emini Trading AUTHORITY comes to the rescue with our emini day trading systems, especially our powerful new ones.  See the link the image links below.

So we have these new emini day trading systems.  They are not new to us but they are newly published so you now can be able to get them and learn them.  May have been bringing in a ton of e-mini trading profit points.

Are you familiar with e-mini trading? It’s e-mini futures trading. Most people trade the stock indices such as: RTY emini futures for Russell 2000, ES S&P 500 emini futures, YM Emini futures for the Dow 30 and NQ emini futures for NASDAQ 100.  There are emini futures on other futures instruments. 

And there are also emini micros which are 1/10th the size of eminis and you can trade with as little as $40 day trading margin although you probably want at least $100 bucks in your account to get started to give you some buffer space incase you start off with mistakes.  But on RTY and ES, for example its $5 a point profit / loss.  So that’s pretty good buffer room to margin.  And yes, even though it’s $5 per point you can still make a living off trading it as you can see from some of the performance samples, getting up to even $700+ on one day from an emini micro, on faster market days. 

Emini trading, futures, It’s one of the most stable, solid ways to trade out there, especially for day trading, in terms of historical assets and professionalism through the exchanges.

Bid and ask spreads are tight.   You may have noticed NADEX fooling around with increasing their bid ask spreads of recent which is a big no no. Plus with e-mini futures you get tick for tick  which is no fooling around with deltas or premium with e-mini Futures.

Now ease of funding was one thing with NADEX that people liked. E-mini Futures Brokers are pretty easy to find and you can fund it easily all online. Another issue why a lot of people went with NADEX is that they could put in small amounts of funds to get started. Well here you have e-mini Micro Futures that only take $40 on the ES S&P 500  e-mini futures for example for intraday day trading. 

And actually you can day trade at night or early in the morning with that same low $40 margin requirement you just need to avoid  being in a position between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. Where the market does its maintenance and registers for any positions held for overnight margin. You can ask your broker more about that.  And yes margin requirements will vary with different brokers AMP Futures is  the one I’m referencing currently. 

So check out some of these new really good e-mini day trading systems below or on our products page from the menu link above. In fact some of them have done over 100 points and ES  for example  recently,  one did 147 points  which turns into $7350 pay check  for the day,  just one day on an e-mini.  Or if you’re trading the e-mini micro then $735  which is quite nice!   And no the markets weren’t necessarily extraordinary fast but they were  faster on those bigly, extra profitable days. Check out more info below

Wow  DETONATOR11 Emini Day Trading System  Gets over 100 and 130 Emini ES Points – MASSIVE! Whew

  1. VICEROY emini Trading System

CRANKER CORE Emini Day Trading System

CRANKER FLOW Emini Day Trading System

BOOMERANG6 Emini Day Trading System

RESOLUTIO Emini Day Trading System

DUISSIMO Emini Day tradding Systems

HUEISSIMO Emini Trading System - Emini Swing Trading System

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