How to Make Money In Emini Scalping
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How to Make Money in Emini Day Trading Part 6 Scalping Part 2

How to Make Money in Emini Day Trading Scalping:  In Short, Put One of Our Emini Day Trading Systems to Work that Focus in on Using 1 Minute Bars. 

So we’re going to scoop out profits now you can you can scalp out scoop out profits on one minute bars, two minute bars etc with scalping.   The concept is that you’re taking a momentum run and you’re grabbing the profit win one fell momentum burst.  The moment the emini future hesitates, we grab the profit, if trading intuitively or we use a mechanical trail stop mechanism to achieve consistent results in its own way..

There are a lot of methods associated with the concept the scalping in terms of quick grabbing low-hanging fruit profits which are usually small yet frequent. A lot of scalping concepts are associated with using trading robots.  But we have many manually traded emini day trading systems that are able to provide many profit grabbing opportunities through the day and do so in a solid, consistent way. 

But as a manual trader we want to trade high probability events off of the price chart that are consistent across the different days. And I say that because different days have different price action behavior.

Another factor you want to think about is optimization in terms of what instrument you trade. Some instruments will be more steady and consistent in their profitable opportunities than others.  You will want to find those instruments. And each instrument may have its own angle or edge….


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