How to Make Money in Emini Day Trading
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How to Make Money in Emini Day Trading Part 5

How to Make Money in Emini Day Trading Part 5

How to make money in e-mini day trading part 5 now what about scalping? Different people may Define scalping differently but ultimately if you think of the scalp the disgusting concept of back in the Native American days where a certain slice would be scraped off a certain place yet the concept is to scrape out profits from the markets and do so quickly.   

Why we still use this word “scaping” as a common expression is a question to ask.  One could argue that since one approach to day trading, one inner game mental approach is to “go to war” and do brutal battle with the markets, in the thought world and in one’s emotions, that having an original intent use of the Native American brutal concept but doing so in the markets could be appropriate.   These more aggressive mindsets can be used especially for those who tend to be more laid back and nice. 

Scalping also implies that you are taking a smaller amount of profit, whatever is offered at the time in that momentum burst, grabbing that profit, locking it in while mentally looking out for the next.  No big move targeting.  Just keep grabbing what the market makes available if that be .1 a point to 2 points, depending on the speed of markets at the time.

It’s a hustle. There’s no lollygagging around. Trigger, burst, grab.  No crying over moves that go beyond the point at which you took profits. 

Yes, if you think about it, a lot of people in the markets beat themselves up by not holding on longer to a trade when their instrument made a good move past their exits.  Then they go on to tell their friends about it, complaining about woulda shoulda.  But when you do that, what are you doing psychologically?  You’re training yourself to want to hold onto a position longer. 

And unless you specifically start trading a strategy or system that allows for targeting bigger moves, you’re likely to start having a lot of profits turn into losses and your winning percent will go downwards.  So if you’re not settle and clear on the type of move your are targeting, well, you could start to turn into a losing trader while even starting to spin out of control getting vortexed down into a black hole of trading account obliteration!  

Additionally a scalp implies very little mercy so you’re not going to be merciful to any sort of emotions enticing you to stay in a trade a bit longer or you know that your stop loss go etc.

We have several emini 1 minute bar day trading systems that can fit into the category of scalping emini futures. You can find those on our product or contact us for questions. 

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