How to Make Money in E-mini Day Trading

How to Make Money in E-mini Day Trading Part 2.

How to Make Money in E-mini Day Trading Part 2.  One form of e-mini day trading that one could target would be intraday trend trading. If you could focus on simply targeting the intraday trends then you could do very very well.

These are the bigger types of moves that happen usually a couple, few times a day.  Well, that would also imply the time frame of charts you are using.  If you are using 5 minute bar charts bigger moves won’t seem that dramatic vs. using 1 minute bar charts for example.  

But if you want a lot of action then you’re going to want to do some other type of day trading method and we have plenty of those e-mini day trading systems that have a lot of action.

These days and e-mini training you have trend moves big moves all over the place and there are many different approaches to trading trends.

You could use channels you could use moving averages you can use trend lines you can use ranges they’re all sorts of repeated scenarios that you could exploit on e-mini day trading chart.

The key is to find your ONE way of trading.  You need to find the way of trading that’s just going to fit for you.  The only way to to do that is to learn, practice and try many different types of emini trading, emini day trading. 

Most day traders are entrepreneurial minded.  If so, you will certainly need to test multiple different approaches to day trading, contrasting the different styles against each other to find what resonates wth you and your personality the best.  And that style needs to not only be rewarding to trading financially but also emotionally. 

You’ll need to feel that you are getting paid robustly for your time spent in day trading.  Targeting trend in emini day trading is good for that.  So when you hit a move, you can often hit big profits, in just one move that would have taken 20 to even 40 trades (ie using 1 minute bars) to achieve, and all in 1 trade.  Plus, depending on your personality, you may like the bigger gains better then looking to grab smaller profits over many trades.  And also remember, the more you trade the more you pay in commissions.  So… intraday trend trading can be a lot cheaper. 

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