POPS Emini Trading

Have You Ever Heard of POPS Trading or POPS Emini Day Trading?


POPS is FUN and Can Be Quite Profitable! 

Well POPS trading or POPS day trading is a really fun way to trade where we trade these particular types of scenarios and setups to target these super high probability price explosion points. We look to get in into our position with a good risk-reward in a scenario that can allow for the big quick profit grab for a high tension tripwire type of price action setup. And we have several of these types of setups that we like to trade.
Sometimes we will take profits a couple bars later but usually we just take profits on one explosive bar later on the next bar depending on what type of bars we’re trading – so we will just take that dough and go.
So you could say this is a form of scalping although different people think of scalping in different ways whereas we think of scalping more like quick swing trading on an intraday basis using a small time frame bar usually the one minute bars.
POPS trading is a great way and it is a fun way to trade to trade.  You can see from our EMPOPS3 emini day trading system what can be done.
EMPOPS3 - emini-day-trading-system

Check out this program and just sign up! We think you’re going to be really glad you did!


What is EMPOPS3 Emini Day Trading System?

  • Trades 3 minute bars
  • Looks to trade momentum pops and quickly collect the cash as soon as momemntum breaks
  • Very simple and clear entry and profit taking exit.
  • Easy to follow and trade

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