Emini Day Trading System

FIRECRACKER4 V2 Update & Tips to Succeed for Daily Income

Is Daily Income in Trading a Thing that Can Be Done?  Of Course. 

Just take your time and get good at a trading system.  Most rush ahead like total morons, dive in, make mistakes mostly because, if even trying to trade a system, usually didn’t actually learn the actual system, spin themselves into a tizzy and say ‘it doesn’t work’ ‘it’s impossible’, going on to turn others off to trading with their negative talk caused by their lack of diligence. 

Yes. Just slow down. Enjoy the process  of learning a good emini day trading system.  You have an internal guide that will show you how to do things right.  Stay with that internal guide pacing. 

FIRECRACKER4 V2 Update.  Look at the difference between days.  FIRECRACKER4 V2 goes from +8 on May 30 to +108.5 the next day for a huge pay day.  Consistency of approach is key to making a ton of money from the markets. 

May 31 2024 ES +35.5-4.5+.5+8.5+3.25+11.5+2.25+3.75+47.75=+108.5 = $5400 on 1 emini. What if you were trading 10 eminis?
May 30 -1.5+4.25-1.75+2.5-2.75+1.75-1.5-1.25+3.5+2.75+1.75-1.5+1.75 =+8
May 29 +3.25+.75+1.5-.5-1.5+4.25+4-2.25-3.75+2-1.25+1.75+4.75 = +21
May 28 -1.5-2.25+2-.5+.5-1.5+2.25+2.5+6.5+13.5+4.25+1.25 =+27

The markets want you to follow your emotions so they can surprise you and take your money.   If you follow emotional swoons, you lose.  If you are impatient, you lose.  If you are anxious about money, you lose. If you rush ahead, you lose. If you start changing your plan on the fly, usually due to impatience, you lose.

The solution:  1. historical study so you gain confidence in the method 2. Then just show up and do the numbers. 

Don’t try to get fancy, optimize, be a super star.  Just trade the method.  That’s the secret to the markets. Read about The Turtle Traders because that story will give you perspective on the system’s trading advantage.

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