Earn a Full-Time Living Trading Part-Time with Our E-mini Trading Systems

Earn a Full-Time Living Trading Part-Time with Our E-mini Trading Systems

Earn a Full-Time Living Trading Part-Time with Our Emini Trading Systems?

Yes it’s Factually Possible.  Want to Know How?  You Get a System.  Hopefully You’ll Practice it on a Demo, or Pretend Trade it Live while Keeping Track of Your Results.  You See Your Results vs. the Actual System Rules.  If Your Demo Trading is Not as Profitable All You Do is Compare What you Did in Real Time vs. The Actual System Rules and You Make a Mental Note of it So You Don’t Mess Up on that Mistake the Next Time Around.  Eventually You’ll Get Better and Better So Your Trading Matches the System.  And if Your Trading Starts to Match the System Based on the Results We’ve Been Able to Get, Posted on the Sale Letters, and The System Keeps on Doing the Same Thing into the Future, on Average, Then You Entered into a New Plane of Performance and Are to Likely Make a LOT of Money Over Time.

That was a bit wordy but explains the process.  Stupid disclaimer talk contorts the perspective one needs to have in order to succeed in trading. You must focus on what you what.  Focusing on what you want is confidence.  If you focus on the negative what ifs, the risk all the time all you are going to do is lose, get lots of “risk mitigation” stop loss hits.  Your “risk” must be factored into your actions by focusing on profits. If you do stupid things, illogical, bad math things then obviously you’re not going to profit.  So focus in on profits.  Disclaimer fear talk was writing in and for losing lazy mindsets.  All trading is risky.  So is taking a trip to the grocery store and actually eating the food you get their.  So is marriage.  So is getting up at night to go to the bathroom in the dark.  Any one who tells you there are safe approaches to investing or trading or anything in life is likely a con artist in this stinky 3D realm.

Here are the key things it takes to truly master an emini trading system from Emini Trading Authority so you can use it as a money-making skill for life:

1. Commit fully to learning and implementing the system as designed. Don’t try to modify or alter the rules before you have full mastery.

2. Invest in the full training for the system. ETA provides training courses, videos, webinars, and ongoing coaching/support to help ensure you learn the system the right way.

3. Paper trade exhaustively to prove you understand the system completely and can follow the rules without emotional distraction. Practice, practice, practice until it becomes second nature.

4. Start with micro-share sizes when trading live and slowly increase size as your skills grow. Going too big too fast is a recipe for failure.

5. Keep a trading journal and review after every live session, noting what you did right and any areas that need improvement. Constant learning and refinement is key.

6. Stick with mechanical execution of the system and don’t second-guess the rules. Trading discretionarily will undermine your work.

7. Be patient – it may take 100, 1,000 or more trades before you feel fully comfortable with the system. But consistency is there for those who master the process.

8. Develop an ongoing learning mentality. As markets evolve, revisit training to learn updated techniques. Teaching others also cements your mastery.

9. Compound carefully over time. With discipline, one system can become a lifetime income generator from the markets.


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