What Does It Mean to Accept a Trading System

E-mini Trading Authority What Does It Mean to Accept a Trading System?

 Now to some of you that may sound strange but if you’re going into the inner game of trading this is a very important thing.

A lot of people they will resist the trading system because of various issues and various beliefs such as negative beliefs in themselves in the markets.

Other people won’t accept trading the trading system as it is because they didn’t work it out enough. They simply didn’t study it enough and practicing enough so the key to coming to the point where you can accept the system and simply trade it will take just some extra work. Compared to anything else learning to become a good Trader is very little work but few are willing to do that work.

Here are some tips on how to mentally accept a trading system so you will trade it correctly without second-guessing:

– Understand the system was scientifically backtested and proven over time that doesn’t mean squat until you test it yourself. You’re not going to believe it if you don’t back test and test in real time daily while reviewing your own demo trading comparing it to the actual system rules.  IF you have a good emini day trading system then just back test it daily, see how it did.  That said, make sure you actually KNOW how the system actually works and did not do the 1,2 skip a few thing while learning the system from the video course.  It is wise to double check with us to make sure you’re trading  your system purchase correctly through your member’s back office support ticket system.  It works, even if you can’t see every single trade working out at first.

– Commit fully to following the rules without question or hesitation (but please start with demo trading or your emotions may get the better of you.   Also, impatience may get the better of many others especially if you have a lot of other things on your plate. You’re not there to interpret or manipulate – just execute consistently.  Again work it out with pretend money first, start small with real money and just keep progressing step by step – the way of the turtle – that’s the fastest way to become a good trader! 

– Realize many systems are counterintuitive vs. gut feelings. The beauty is they remove emotion from decisions.  Yeah… this one is a hard thing to overcome but it just takes consistent practice, improving little by little until you get to the point where you just deep down ACCEPT THE TRADING SYSTEM!  Once you accept the process of a good trading system and don’t resist it, presto!

– If in doubt about a trade, go back to the charts and data to reinforce why the system triggered it. Facts will calm emotions.

– Focus on the mathematical expectancy, not every trade outcome. Some will lose but the overall win rate creates profit over time.

– Know that second-guessing destroys results. The system developers spent far more time with the charts than you. But on the other hand, you personally need to “catch up to the system developers” in your familiarity with that system over time so you’ll gain full genuine trust in a working trading system.  Many of our students have emailed us about their 6 and 7 figure success with our  various systems, hopefully you can too.

– Remind yourself that your job is mechanical implementation, not active thinking. Overthinking undermines rules.

– Accept you will make some losses according to expectancy. Each loss should build confidence that average results will come.

– Stay committed to the concept that 100% rule-based discipline creates the “edge” over others who stray from a proven system.

The key is accepting you don’t need to understand every trade – just trust that allowing the system to run removes human emotion from the decision making process. Mechanical following of predefined rules is the pathway to success over the long haul.

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