How to Trade a System

E-mini Trading Authority What Does It Mean to Accept a Trading System – Part 3


Welcome back to E-mini Trading Authority trading tip part 3 – what does it mean to accept a system?

Now we deal more with an inner game concept where on the inside we have to well accept that we’re going to trade a certain way and only that way.

When you do this after you’ve proven yourself with that system then you can now move forward and you can start making progress.

A lot of Traders don’t work things out and they don’t get to the point in their internals, in their heart and mind where they accept the system. They’re filled with fear and doubt.  So if you’re filled with fear and doubt you need to work things out and  you need to work on your inner beliefs about things in regards to trading that system well.   And you need just simply get to the point where you accept trading one way and you’re not going to go fooling around doing anything else.

This will take historical study and a good amount of demo trading.  Then moving to small position size live trading will unveil other flaws that need to be corrected.  Eventually, through live, tiny position trading, you’ll start to get the hang of a good system and thrive.   Once you are thriving, your insides will then fully accept the system. And your subconscious will then accept the trading of that system thereby turning the trading of that system into something that seems almost automatic.


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