DETONATOR11 Emini Day Trading System  Gets over 100 and 130 Emini ES Points – MASSIVE!

Wow DETONATOR11 Emini Day Trading System  Gets Has the Potential and Probability to CRUSH IT.  Your Job is to Get Used to Trading it…

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  • -2+2+9+12-2+6+1+7+1+6-2-1.2+.5+4-1.3+2+1+2+7+1+1+9-1+7+2+0-1+2-.5+2+5+4+3+6+1+8
  • ES 1M AUG 25 2023 -1.5-1.5+2+22-.5+12+5+18+8+12+8+2-2+6-2+1+8+2+4+4+.25+2.5+3.5-3+6.5+1+2-2+2.5+.5+2-1.5+1+6.5+2.5 =+130.75 WOW $653.75 per one emini micro contact.  Or $6,537.50 per 1 regular emini contract.  Wow.  Yes, was a faster day.  Yet markets  have been faster these days. 

+100.5  is massive. +130.75  is massiver!  

 Have you heard those guys over time teaching e mini trading saying how it’s such a great thing to make two or four points off of ES S&P 500 e-mini futures?   I think they need to buy DETONATOR11 don’t you?

DETONATOR11 Emini Day Trading System   was designed to become a stable cash flow producer so one could have an approach that is very sound and logical in order to use over and over for the sake of trading for a potential very good living.

Long-term durability for cash flow generation will require solid types of approaches and we have combined over 30 years in the markets to distill the logic and understanding behind this way of trading.

DETONATOR11 Emini Day Trading System uses price action only.  It’s multiple concepts simplified into one and simplification is genius. I think you’ll agree once you learn the system and practice it to trade it well over all sorts of days and come to see the fruits.

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