CRANKER CORE – Emini Day Trading System is what I would call a quote on quote blue collar day trading system.

CRANKER CORE – Emini Day Trading System is what I would call a “a blue collar day trading system”

Now technically, you can call any day trading system a blue collar, roll up your sleeves, and go to work type of method. So you trade the system, and you’re not trying to optimize or doing anything extra; you’re not trying to get 100% winning, although the winning percentage is pretty good. It’s not about winning %; it’s about making money that is going to net out a profit.

And so therefore, this approach with CRANKER CORE – Emini Day Trading System is a very good one, so we have this smash mouth approach to being able to net out a profit on pretty much every day.

Now it has produced winning days on every day it has been tested or used upon, and we haven’t found a losing day yet, so that’s why I said pretty much every day because, who knows, maybe there’s some super strange price action day into the future that doesn’t do well for that day. But normal price action should be able to do extremely well, especially on the faster days.

Also keep in mind that the track record you see there is only until noon. That’s just presented that way to show that you can trade a system in a couple hours a day and potentially make a very good living.

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